Studio One 4.5.1リリース(メンテナンスアップデート)|スタジオワンの更新情報

2019.5.29に、Studio One Version 4.5.1がリリースされました。


Version 4.5.1 Release Notes (May 29, 2019):
The following issues have been fixed:
● Faulty assignment of ATOM pads
● Plug-in Scan freezes when Windows is offline
● Volume automation is laggy
● Crash on undoing instantiation of instruments
● Audio events disappear on bounce when writing tempo information option is disabled
● Crash on hitting Alt+Arrow up/down in empty song
● Limiter metering mode switch is broken
● Pop-up menu for "Add Insert" command has wrong properties




Studio One 4.5リリース|スタジオワンの更新情報、新機能

2019.5.21に、Studio One Version 4.5.0がリリースされました。



Studio One 4.5の新機能については、「Studio Oneガイドブック バージョン4対応」で紹介する予定ですが、スクリーンショットだけでもご参考までに。






















Version 4.5.0 Release Notes (May 21, 2019):
Studio One 4.5 adds the following new features and improvements.
Recording and Mixing
● Redesigned hardware controls (gain/polarity/48V) on mixer channels (for compatible
PreSonus interfaces)
● Input Mixer: software gain / polarity controls on every input
● Software input gain / polarity controls on every channel, bus and FX channel
● Extended grouping system with attributes (Volume, Pan, Mute/Solo, Inserts/Sends)
● Groups definable as Edit- and/or Mix-Groups (with attributes)
● Commands/shortcuts to suspend any group
● Command to suspend all groups
● Support for unlimited nested groups (groups within groups)
● New Groups section in Track List and Channel List
● Optional group name display on channels with Group assign and renaming options
● Customizable Channel Components in Console
● RMS/Peak metering option per channel
● Global Pre-Fader Metering option
● Quick-assign I/O routing for multiple selected channels
● Quick-assign outputs in ascending order
● Basic and Advanced Plug-in menu styles
● Alternative (reverse) Sidechain routing
● Copy Plug-ins with Sidechain routing
Arrangement and Editing
● Lock Events (with position and editing options)
● Lock Tracks option
● Independent Quantize/Timebase/Snap options
● Snap to Zero Crossings
Musical (MIDI) Editing
● Chord Audition option in Chord Selector
● Chord Audition option for chord events in Chord Track
● User assignable Chord Audition sound
● New Major/Minor Triad scales
● Re-organized Musical Actions menu
● Stretch multiple notes by dragging
● Note Action: Apply Scale
● Note Action: Distribute Notes
● Note Action: Randomize Notes
● Note Action: Quantize Notes
● Note Action: Mirror Notes
● Note Action: Repeat Notes to Part End
● Note Action: Thin out Notes
● Note Action: Fill with Notes
● Independent Macro Toolbars for Arrangement, Music Editor and Audio Editor
● Macro Toolbar: custom menus
● Macro Toolbar: direct macro editing
● Macro Toolbar: Duplicate Macro command
● Macro Toolbar: “move to Group” command
● Impact XT: drag more than 16 samples or slices
● Patterns: support for Quintuplets / Septuplets resolution
● Improved swing timing for patterns with individual lanes resolution
● Stem Export: quick drag>select tracks/channels
● Stem Export: save selection when closing window
● Song Data Import retains “Disabled” track state when importing
● Fat Channel XT modules retain state when switching
● Instrument list: “disable all” option
● Instrument list: “remove unused” option
● Store Presets with folder selection
● Assignable F13-F24 keys
● Recall any Marker with shortcut
● One-step Audioloop export (drag&drop)
User Interface
● Smooth audio waveforms (option)
● Macro Toolbar icons update
● Sample One XT / Impact XT: improved unit readouts
● Improved CPU performance with Multi Instruments
● Improved CPU performance with Mai Tai, Sample One XT, Impact XT and Presence XT
Hardware and Installation
● I/O Setup: add multiple inputs or outputs
● I/O Setup: re-order inputs / outputs with drag & drop
● New Plug-in Manager with filters by format and vendor
● Plug-in Manager: list and reset blacklisted plug-ins individually
Import / Export
● Import / Export I/O Setups
● Video Export option with multiple codec support (platform-dependent)
● MP3 Export with variable bitrate
● AAC support (Import / Export), including ALAC (Apple Lossless)
● Mono option for Export Mixdown
● [VST3] Support for program pitch names and key switch API
● [VST2] Host-specific extension to query key switches from plug-ins

The following issues have been fixed:
● Text field may lose focus when search result is displayed
● Artifacts with volume automation
● Very short MP3 files cannot be imported
● Macro toolbar presets get lost if multiple songs are closed in a certain order
● Bounce in place inserts silence when there's an Open Air instance as EventFX
● VCA automation offset incorrect
● Click coordinate of pen is slightly off
● Potential lockup when using "Follow Chord"
● True Peak sometimes delivers wrong values
● [MacOS] Random order in file lists generated from APFS volume
● Mod wheel assigned to Sample One eco filter behaves unexpectedly
● NoteFX remain active after rendering with Chorder
● Track Transform does not retain VCA assignment
● Track/channel colors lost on transform multi-out instruments
● Some elements need more contrast in Light Theme
● Some time-stretched events in Scratch Pad play back incorrectly
● [Windows 7] Potential crash while applying Touch+Swipe on certain plug-ins

● Typos in AudioBox 1818VSL I/O labels




Studio One 4.1.2、4.1.3、4.1.4リリース|スタジオワンの更新情報



Version 4.1.4 Release Notes (March 26, 2019):

New features and Improvements:
● Support for PreSonus StudioLive S-Series mixing consoles
● [Browser] Added “Funk”, “Soul”, “Latin” tags to Style category
● [Browser] Added “processed” and “riff” tags to Character category

The following issues have been fixed:
● [DAW Mode] Moving the master fader turns all of the Main meter LEDs off momentarily
● Incorrect transposition in certain cases when audio is time-stretched
● [macOS Mojave] Studio One stuck at "Starting External Devices..." on launch while certain
gear wasn’t connected
● [macOS] Cmd+Drag won't remove plug-in
● [Windows] Installer does not clear the factory templates folder
● [MaiTai] On certain presets, switching Osc 1 to Sine stops audio
● [Mixer] “Send” slot height resets when opening outputs pane
● [Mixer] Changing the level meter scale won't refresh the side meter
● [Mixer] Track focus is shifted when console view was closed and reopened
● [Music Editor] Pitch selection doesn’t follow when moving notes
● [Music Editor] Some bold grid lines are missing
● [Music Editor] Notes w/ velocity value “0” can be entered but “1” will be played
● Music Editor isn't updated correctly at certain zoom levels, events seem to disappear
● [Ripple Edit] Moving parts upstream sometimes causes overlaps
● [Tempo Track] Scrolling horizontally won't update tempo node label(s) at certain scroll
● Freeze on enabling Chord Follow on Presence XT instruments w/ Key Switches
● Arrangement scrolls away from current track when navigating automation nodes with
arrow keys
● Automation glitch when using 'Undo' command after 'Move to Cursor'
● Audio track muted when use mute solo in certain combination
● Focus of "New Song” dialog is lost when mixer is still open
● Touch events are delayed on the mixer controls
● CD-Text “Genre” field truncated on writing DDP
● In certain song templates, “Volume” and “Mute” automation is not correctly localized
● Audio outside the bend range is altered
● Track delay is inverted when Melodyne is involved
● Tool Tips and Info Texts not available on screen-sharing via 3rd-party apps
● MIDI on/off issues (e. g. sustain pedal) when plug-in delay is higher than 120 ms
● Certain songs with Sample One XT cannot be renamed
● “Strip Silence” keeps unwanted parts
● Inversions of 7th chords are not recognized
● Musicloop import fails with multiple loops
● Wrong note position when using pre-count in mix mode
● Time signature is overwritten when drag’n dropped to destination bar
● Potential crash when activating surround outputs in NI Kontakt

Version 4.1.3 Release Notes (January 24, 2019):

New features and Improvements:
● Support for Studio USB-C Series audio interfaces
● FX Sends are now visible by default on the console

The following issues have been fixed:
● Tight bend markers are ignored on load; editing causes glitches
● Crash on opening the Musical Editor by double-clicking a selected event which has no focus
● Unwanted movements of Loop Markers when editing tempo
● AAF files exported from Studio One with clip gain involved will shift Audio Events on re-import
● [macOS] Missing right-click context menus in some areas

Version 4.1.2 Release Notes (January 15, 2019):

New features and Improvements:
● AAF export now compatible with Digital Performer 9 (legacy mode)
● AAF volume automation support for Pro Tools
● Alternative incremental workflow for Song Versions
● Quantize Macros now work without forced Auto-Quantize
● Safety query for resetting recent song list
● Tempo Warp in arrangement now updates the editor display
● Better error handling in case of product activation failure

The following issues have been fixed:
● Groove Quantize always affects velocity
● Sustain parameter is continuous for stock instruments
● Drawing Automation backwards doesn't work correctly
● Tempo ramp causes audio artifacts
● [AAF] Event gain not translating into Pro Tools clip gain
● Wrong English translation "Quintole" and "Septole"
● [Impact XT] Clear Bank and Pad do not clear parameters
● In certain cases, Melodyne won't sync to Song tempo
● [Tempo Track] 'Delete Range' inserts unwanted Time Signature change
● Relative movement of two adjacent notes no longer possible
● Inconsistency when using “Select Notes…> Select at interval” command
● Notes played in precount/preroll have incorrect length when recorded
● Time Stretching kills transients when Tempo Track is used
● Notes recorded before active loop are shifted to left locator
● Redraw error in Pattern Editor controller lanes
● IR Maker help page text not legible
● [macOS] Remove "Release audio device in background" option (Windows-only feature)
● [macOS] Some keyboard shortcuts ignored when editing text in Track or Channel Name
● [macOS] Holding cmd+w opens multiple dialogues, crashes on confirmation
● Splice license conflict w/ previous Artist activation on same account
● Crash on hitting "Return" key when assigned to Navigation > Enter
● Waveform graphics rendered with half-sample offset on bounce
● Track notes don't persist through transform operations
● “Delete external device” dialog lacks confirmation
● Mouse scrolling doesn't work on mixer inserts
● Crash when switching editor from melodic mode to drum mode at small window sizes
● Right-click mouse state not reset when loading a song version from recent list
● Freeze on zooming beat-linear audio parts in and out repeatedly
● Switching to another Song Version can break the Project < > Song connection
● When the editor is detached, deletion of selected notes will delete containing part
● [Scratch Pad] note length value jumps to unexpected value while modifying in Inspector
● Wrong Track order when duplicating Track with mouse
● Crash when opening "Tracks" node in file browser on certain songs
● MIDI Markers not embedded into MIDI files (when using “Save As”)
● Warp Marker editing causes glitches
● Exchange update button hard to read in light mode
● Unwanted scrolling in arrangement when editing Event in Folder Track
● Crash on 'Select from event till end'
● Crash when removing Splitter from fx chain
● Ripple Edit in Folder causes Track to shift
● “Split At Grid” broken when Event is located at a specific position
● [Project Page] Album / Artist text fields lacking contrast on edit when light theme is used


Studio One 4.1.1リリース|スタジオワンの更新情報

2018.10.30に、Studio One Version 4.0.1がリリースされました。

Version 4.1.1 Release Notes (October 30, 2018):

New features and Improvements:

• [ATOM] Keyboard mode for Melodic Editor
• [ATOM] Bank button follows bank color
• [ATOM] Added user command assignments to pads 1-8 in Setup mode
• [ATOM] Play button will change from green to light blue when loop is active
• [Impact XT] Multiselect for pads (Shift or CMD)
• [Tempo Track] improvements for "Scale Time" manual tempo mapping
• [Tempo Track] Update timeline in realtime when warping
• Master volume values are shown when slider in transport bar is moved
• Increase grab area for automation lines by one pixel on each side
• "Follow Chords" settings are now remembered when reverting instrument transformation
• Improved spacing in Editor Inspector's chord input display
• Added automatic detection for CME Xkey devices
• Optimized MIDI update rate for Control Surfaces

The following issues have been fixed:

• [Windows 7] Application hanging on launch with nVidia drivers newer than v388.71
• [Windows] Video not displayed on specific hardware
• [Windows] Pen support disabled
• [macOS] System command focus not working in dialog edit field
• [Project Page] Audible pops at song transitions
• [Project Page] Loudness detection post fx broken
• [Browser] Crash on "Merge to Stereo File"
• [Chord Track] Potential crash when playing back song with universal follow mode
• [Chord Track] Dragging chords over existing ones won't reflect changes
• "Follow Chords" creates wrong results when notes are longer than parts
• "Copy to new Scratch Pad" ignores Tempo Track
• Arranger track edits ignore time signature changes
• Incorrect initial send automation on reloading a song
• Freeze on moving Bus Channel
• Added tempo points not snapping to grid
• Timeline jumps when timebase is set to Beat-Linear
• Restore version creates duplicate song version
• Moving first tempo point of Scratch Pad impossible
• In Beat-Linear mode, "Zoom to Loop" scrolls to wrong position
• In Beat-Linear mode, the Waveform disappears on audio event in Scratch Pad
• When "Release Audio device in Background" option is checked, Studio One exits looped region on losing focus
• When "Apply folder track color to content" option is checked, the tracks inside a folder become all grey
• Unexpected bounce results on different dropout protection settings
• [Macro toolbar] Potential crash on clicking "New Page"
• Nebula 4 VST2 plugin not loading
• Soloing a Solo Safe Bus without function
• Control linked channel fader jumps to initial value when assigned to control linked VCA
• [Impact XT] Real time amp decay changes are glitchy
• Audition notes not working when cursor follows edit position
• Reveal precount early note extends to bar 1 when qwerty keyboard is used as input
• Potential crash on undoing track duplications
• Note-on at left locator recorded after loop cycle is placed wrong
• Wrong note length and start position when played at right locator with Offset enabled
• Wrong text color / background color for edit boxes of Arranger Track Inspector items
• Odd behavior when copy/pasting automation point
• Crash when saving song w/ empty Presence
• Certain songs w/ Melodyne 4.2 get stuck at playback
• Some add-ons (Sound Sets, VU-Meter, etc.) missing in Studio One Demo
• Song loses "pin" state after restoring versions
• Split at Grid only splits first few bars with odd tempo
• Unexpected duplication result on event following chord

• Crash on closing song after deleting Scratch Pads






Studio One 4.1リリース|スタジオワンの更新情報

2018.9.13に、Studio One Version 4.1がリリースされました。














Version 4.1 Release Notes (September 13, 2018):

New features and Improvements:
• Support for PreSonus ATOM Production and Performance Pad Controller
• New Pipeline XT plug-in for routing of external effects
• Extended Note Repeat with keyboard remote
• Tempo Automation
• Beat-linear timeline option
• Improved manual tempo mapping with Scale Time tool
• Tap tempo via keyboard shortcut
• AAF export options (including embedded AAF support)
• Import Song Data from song template
• New “Cue mix mute follows channel” option
• New look for External Device panels and QWERTY Keyboard
• The macro bar now stores the last page viewed per editor
• Select Highest or Lowest notes more accurate when overlapped
• Key command mapping for "Song Setup" dialog
• Tempo map added to rendered click file
• Improved zoom and scroll behavior in Pattern Editor
• [Windows 10] System DPI scaling option for third-party plug-ins
• [Windows] “Enable High DPI Mode” option is back

The following issues have been fixed:
• [macOS Mojave] Scrambled icons in message boxes
• [macOS] Accessibility zoom breaks context menu
• [macOS] Deadlock on clicking main menu bar with system file selector open
• [Windows] Help Viewer doesn't adapt to different monitor DPI
• [Melodyne] Editor not immediately opening on edit
• [Chord Track] Wrong detection inside arpeggios
• [Chord Track] Accidentals not displayed correctly in the pop-up selector
• [Drum Editor] Unwanted double notes when duplicated
• [Drum Editor] Duplicating notes with swing are placed in wrong location
• [Track Inspector] Automation controls background missing
• [Track Inspector] Event FX container doesn't remember size
• [Track Inspector] Automation parameter select-box text is hidden by color field
• [Presence XT] Ping Pong looping issue with short samples
• [Presence XT Editor] Crash on copying zones
• [Impact XT] Amp envelope should be exponential
• [Impact XT] Missing "Cancel" button on initial sample search
• [Impact XT] Pad Names are overwritten while editing (user vs file name)
• Macro toolbar scripting error
• Pitch editing doesn't accept B from keyboard, changes it to A#
• Enabling Note Repeat aftertouch + playing aftertouch causing infinite note
• REX file import issue when song sample rate is different from file
• Playback of stretched audio sometimes incorrect
• Remotes do not generate undo steps for all parameter changes
• Wrong waveform drawing when creating loop range
• Potential crash when opening detached audio editor
• Channel macros lost connection to parameters on Import Song Data
• Steps placement is incorrect when duplicating a Pattern
• Plug-in thumbnail icon not inverted in light theme
• Applying Mute on mouse down causes audible clicks
• Crash on save after removing Multi Instrument
• GUI artifacts while scrolling w/ TAB thru track name fields
• Copying an event from a folder pastes it on a new track
• Song parameters are reset when Time Base is changed to Frames
• Wrong inverted note selection in a duplicated (shared) part
• Wrong automation result after moving arranger section
• "Move" and "Copy" w/ Ripple Edit on the same track deliver different results


Studio One 4.0.1リリース|スタジオワンの更新情報

2018.7.10に、Studio One Version 4.0.1がリリースされました。












Version 4.0.1 Release Notes (July 10, 2018):

New features and Improvements:
• Studio One 4 Prime available
• [Impact XT] Keep MIDI note assignment when using "Clear Pad" or "Clear Bank”
• [Impact XT] "Show in Finder/Explorer" option in pad context menu
• [Sample One XT] Improved backwards compatibility
• [Pattern Editor] Improved Variation selection (clickable area)
• [Pattern Editor] Added tool tips for columns
• [Drum Editor] Note color by pitch reflects pad colors when Impact XT is used
• Improved editors scrolling, zoom and focus behavior
• Ripple Edit now also working in Audio Editor
• Default color for chords
• Light Theme adjustments
• The editors have a minimum size now
• Various user interface design corrections
• Various localization fixes

The following issues have been fixed:
• [Arranger] Song Offset Causes Time Ruler Numbers to Disappear on Zoom
• [Arranger] Transform does not work for Pattern
• [Arranger] Crash in track navigation with shift+arrow key
• [Arranger] Crash on creating an audio track when no input device is selected
• [Arranger] Unable to use up/down arrows to scroll tracks w/ collapsed folders
• [Arranger] Can't drag .musicloop with pattern to audio track
• [Arranger Track] „Don't follow Track“ setting causes errors
• [Arranger Track] Events don't follow correctly on tracks with different time formats
• [Chord Track] Auto-scroll not working when Chord Track is last or only header track
• [Chord Track] Duplicating chord blocks doesn't retain original color
• [Chord Track] Follow Mode not visible in minimum screen resolution
• [Chord Track] Inconsistent behavior when editing chords (Resize adjacent)
• [Drum Editor] "Duplicate" inserts notes at wrong position
• [Impact XT + Sample One XT] Automation orphaned from v3 to v4
• [Impact XT] Follow Tempo produces clicks
• [Impact XT] V3 mono outs 1-8 change to stereo out 9-16 in V4
• [Low Latency Monitoring] Bounce renders empty if Monitor on w/ Ampire
• [Macros] Moving groups sometimes deletes the selected page
• [Macros] Note Length not applied correctly to last chord in a part
• [Macros] Note selection not accurate
• [Melodyne] Detached window opens in wrong size, and sometimes freezes
• [Mixer] Input insert bin - only half of the vertical space is used
• [Mixer] VCA channel is muted after reload song
• [Music Editor] No consecutive X:Y drag actions possible after note insert with arrow tool (double click+hold)
• [Music Editor] No NoteOff generated on first loop cycle for overlapping notes
• [Pattern Editor] Automation Lane Changes on Loop
• [Pattern Editor] Drum Mode automation lane not changing to related pitch on touch input
• [Pattern Editor] VST2 Automation in Pattern shows current value for every note
• [Preferences] "Copy external files when saving song" option ignored on samples dropped on Impact XT & Sample One XT
• [Presence XT] Editor icon picker has no contrast
• [Sample One XT] Free LFO works the other way around
• [Sample One XT] Freezes on exchanging 96K samples while song is playing
• [Sample One XT] issues with S1 v3 presets
• [Sample One XT] Pitch not responding on LFO, Env or pitch-bend when "Follow Song Tempo" is enabled
• [Sample One XT] Wrong Filter parameter states when loading v3 song
• [Scratch Pad] Bar offset is ignored
• [Scratch Pad] Wrong part size when using negative numerical start value
• [Scratch Pad] Possible to extend Part start beyond Scratch Pad causing unexpected length of the Part
• [Scratch Pad] Offset event w/ Melodyne edits not copying to new Scratch Pad
• [Slate Raven] Applying touch automation selects the track instead of writing automation
• [Slate Raven] Crash when removing inserts from the channel editor
• [Slate Raven] Display ID Index Shift
• AAF Audio on single track with automation not imported
• AAF import of certain Samplitude files not working
• Beat offset and Start/End Markers in Song Templates
• Bounces are cut by latency reported by plug-in
• Certain legacy songs won't save
• Context menu latches focus item on mouse down
• Crash on switching presets inside u-he Diva AU
• Crash when switching patterns with different control lane parameters
• Cue Mix section of FX channels cropped
• Duplicate complete omits an automation envelope
• Event Inspector cannot have arbitrary size anymore
• Extension dialog uses multiple font baselines
• Inverted color of fader bar-graph
• Multi instrument size issue
• Qwerty keyboard issue with Record Offset
• Scroll handle disappearing on lists with horizontal and vertical scrollbar
• Shift Root (Alt + Scroll) causes focus on Menu
• Time signature markers can't be deleted
• Transport bar elements hidden (language dependent)
• VST support plugin not connected to Artist flavor
• XML import doesn't work with Cubase 8 demo song


Studio Oneの買い方|お得なクーポン情報(期限終了)



Studio One バージョン4 がリリースされしばらく経ちましたが、もうお使いでしょうか?
バージョンアップする場合は、ぜひ拙著「『Studio One 3ガイドブック』バージョンアップ差分PDF(バージョン3.5差分)」(スタイルノート刊)をチェックしてください。

v4へのバージョンアップ時にも使用でき、とてもお得です。NotionもQuantumにも使えます。Studio Oneアドオン各種にも使えます。キャンペーンからさらにお得だったりします。「Tape」は、現在Softubeがキャンペーンをやっていて、そこからさらにクーポン使用だったりでお得です。


※最後3ページ前のPreSonus Quantum広告の下をご覧ください。まずは通常価格や現在のキャンペーン価格で表示されますが、購入手続きの途中でクーポン入力欄があるとのことです。

Studio Oneガイドブック 差分PDFは、どなたにもご覧いただけます。
差分PDFは、書籍版「Studio Oneガイドブック」の雰囲気をご確認いただく目的もあり、普段であれば、「書籍もお手に取ってみてください。」とお願いするのですが、現在は新規にバージョン4対応版を準備中です。